The Development of the Canon of the New Testament

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Early Lists of the Books of the New Testament

Catalogue inserted in codex Claromontanus
The Canon of Cyril of Jerusalem
The Cheltenham Canon
The Canon approved by the Synod of Laodicea
The Canon approved by the 'Apostolic Canons'
The Canon of Gregory of Nazianus
The Canon of Amphilochius of Iconium
The Canon approved by the third Synod of Carthage
The Decretum Gelasianum
Catalogue of the Sixty Canonical Books
The Stichometery of Nicephorus

Catalogue of the Sixty Canonical Books (7th century)

This list, which probably originated in the 7th century, and is transmitted in several manuscripts, reflects the view, widely held in the Greek Church at a later time, of the canon of 60 books (34 OT and 26 NT). There are only 26 NT books because the Revelation of John is missing. After the enumeration of the canonical books, there follows that of the writings 'outside the sixty' and the 'apocrypha'.

And the following (writings) outside the sixty
  1. The Wisdom of Solomon
  2. The Wisdom of Sirach
  3. Maccabees (I)
  4. Maccabees (II)
  5. Maccabees (II)
  6. Maccabees (IV)
  7. Esther
  8. Judith
  9. Tobit

And the following apocryphal (writings)

  1. Adam
  2. Enoch
  3. Lamech
  4. The Patriarchs
  5. The Prayer of Joseph
  6. Eldad and Modad
  7. The Testament of Moses
  8. The Assumption of Moses
  9. The Psalms of Solomon
  10. The Revelation of Elias
  11. The Vision of Isaiah
  12. The Revelation of Zephaniah
  13. The Revelation of Zechariah
  14. The Revelation of Ezra
  15. The History of James
  16. The Revelation of Peter
  17. The Circuits and Teachings of the Apostles
  18. The Epistle of Barnabas
  19. The Acts of Paul
  20. The Revelation of Paul
  21. The Teaching of Clement
  22. The Teaching of Ignatius
  23. The Teaching of Polycarp
  24. The Gospel according to Barnabas
  25. The Gospel according to Matthias

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